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Friday, May 01, 2009

LONDON! mark your calendars.

Hey, LONDON, I am coming to hang out with you soon!

Jim Mahfood and I are doing a two man show at the London Miles Gallery on June 11th! Holy Moley! AND the day before we will be doing book signings at Forbidden Planet. I'll have the new DFAC book for everyone!

SUPREME BROSHIP is what it shall be called. Broship because we are bros and we will be doing some collaboratory things. But also, i'll be doing a bunch of new little paintings.. It should be crazy nuts. More as things develop. But get ready Londoners, I am excited to come meet you and hug some castles.


Roland MacDonald said...

Cool. Look forward to the show.

enb said...


Unknown said...

Sweet! I gotta get to this show, no matter what. Both you dudes are awesome!


Unknown said...

This is like a dream come true!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Oh my god.

luke said...


Anonymous said...

Are you ever going to do a show in Glasgow or Edinburgh?

scottc said...

i cant wait to meet all of yous.

also, Anono, i will surely do a show in Scotland someday. i am of Scottish origins long, long ago. i think i may visit when i am there in June! we shall see.

i am. pretty excited.

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