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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Idol Hours Show! (London)

Hey, you guys!

Remember London Miles Gallery? Where Everybody All The Time and Sup
reme Broship happened? Well, there is a new show is called Idol Hours. A group show where artists reimagine master paintings of old.

I revisited Rembrandt's The Anatomy Lecture Of Nicolaes Tulp.
Here is the original and my version with my dudes. Also included are a couple development shots because development is interesting.

Opening reception: November 12th, 2010. 7pm to 11pm.

Exhibition on display until: November 12th to December 1st 2010.
@ London Miles Gallery

So go to the show! i will not be there, but so many other cool people will probably be there. you will probably make some friends.


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

COSTUME QUEST is out now!!

Holy moley, you guys! Double Fine's latest game is now available for download at XBLA and PSN! It is called Costume Quest! You need to go play it!The game is from the mind of Tasha Harris! One of the Double Fine Action Comics people. And also Nathan Stapley. i did character designs for the game.
here is the trailer for you to watch!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

APE Expo this weekend...


APE EXPO is this weekend in San Francisco. October 16 - 17.

I will be at tables 336 - 338 with Double Fine, T
asha, Nathan Stapley, Gabe Miller, And Dustin Harbin(not part of Double Fine, but a bro)! and maybe Tim Schafes. but i am unsure. i'll have to check. probably though.

I will have the usual gear. including those three prints that are sold
out online: Dog Amongst Dogs, Lincoln Robot, and Zombie Fair! You'd better come and get those before they are gone forever!

Here is the checklist of stuff that i will have at the table:
  • Double Fine Action Comics book 1
  • NEW Prints (Kong's BBQ, Skeleton Park, and Ape Amongst Apes)
  • not as new prints
  • hard to find prints
  • buttons
  • stickers
  • Hickee comics

oh, yeah, i forgot to mention that i will have the new BODY HOUSE shirt at the table.

and those other guys will have a bunch of stuff. and DOUBLE FINE stuff! so many reasons to come over.

see you saturday then!
TABLE 336-8


Wednesday, October 06, 2010

BADLANDS ...progress

hey, you guys! i wanted to post some photos of my progress for the BADLANDS show. because i like it when people do that. i find people's process quite interesting.

so here are some of my brainstorm sheets. pencils on printer paper. (i still get stressed out by sketchbooks) a lot of these ideas will go straight into photoshop and onto watercolor paper as is. because i like to keep the looseness of the initial sketches. i have also been testing out charcoals because i think i will do some drawings as well for this show. i love charcoals!

also there is a picture of some frames i bought at various places. all kinds of weird sizes on these frames. but i think they may look sweet together. we shall totally see.

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