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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Convention Schedule 2011!


March 4–7: Emerald City Comicon - (Seattle) @Table D-05

April 9-10: Mocca Festival - (NYC)

May 7-8: TCAF Comic Art Festival – (Toronto)

July 21-24: San Diego Comic-con - (San Diego)

September 10-11: SPX - (Bethesda, MD)

October 1-2: APE Expo - (San Francisco)

Here is a schedule for you. these are the conventions that i will be chilling at for the year 2011! so try to come say hi and touch the table if you can. i will be posting new merchandise and prints as they become available for each show! so get ready for good times for yourself.


the show coming up in the near future is Emerald City Comicon in Seattle. i will be at Table D-05 next to my buddy Graham Annable.

I will not have any brand new things at the show, but i did do a piece for Emerald City's Monsters and Dames book and auction. so you will have the chance to buy that piece at the show if you would like. more information on the book and the auction HERE. this is what the painting of the monster and the dame looks like...

I will also be doing some live painting with Jim Mahfood and company on Friday night.. More information on the facebook event for it here.

ok! i will post more of what i will have at the show as the date nears...

Thursday, February 17, 2011

PARIS Exhibition! (April 19th)

You guys! Especially, my Parisian friends! I am super excited about this new piece of news.

I will be having my first Paris exhibition on April 19th! at Galerie Arludik! It is located right near the Notre Dame cathedral, which is a pretty popular cathedral.

I will be showing new work and some old work. One such thing will be the series of paintings from that Show Off ad campaign that went down in Portugal a few years back: "How To Kill An Idea". Remember that?

It was this.....

so yeah, some of those paintings will be in the show.. and new paintings that i have yet to paint.. we will see what happens.

so yeah! super excited. i shall be reminding you that this show is coming. but if you are in Paris at that time, mark it on your calendars and come hang out! i am excited to visit paris again and do french things! oh, man.

ok.. see you.


Wednesday, February 16, 2011


So Jessica Coffield, the winner of the GREAT SHOWDOWNS CONTEST, has chosen the film that she would like a painting of..... SHAUN OF THE DEAD. this is awesome news because i have been meaning to do a showdown for this film. so i just rewatched it. it is so good, you guys. but you probably already know this. (contest answers here, btw)

i am going to LIVESTREAM the making of this painting from beginning to end because that sounds like a super fun time. i will most likely do this next week! i shall let everyone know about it on twitter: my livestream channel is

i tried Livestream for the first time last week and it was super fun. if you would like to check out how amazing it went, you can watch it below. you are going to be so pumped probably.
tons of action as we watched the mummy read the paper...

Watch live streaming video from scottlava at

Monday, February 14, 2011

the ZombieValentines Party!

well, i had a pleasant Friday last Friday, you guys. Simon&Schuster threw a little Zombie Valentines party for the Zombie In Love book that i did the pictures for! It was the best! They had copies of the book and all these little zombie treats and valentines all over the place. Kelly DiPucchio flew in the for it as well, so we were able to hang out in person, which was sweet. She wrote the story. Nami and Sonia put the party together. they are amazing. Nami was the editor and Sonia the art director for the book.

Zombie In Love doesnt come out until this August, but we had this little Valentines party a
nyway. And i am glad. Here are some photo memories for you. i will remind you about this sweet book in August as the release date nears! And of the ART EXHIBIT that will be happening at Gallery Nucleus. More on these things later.

some memories...

The book in my hand!

my hand signing the first book. Kelly's signature looks like a space orbit.

The Valentines that Sonia made...

The party room.

This is Kelly DiPucchio! I am happy that she got to come to this sweet party. I super enjoyed illustrating her words.

They made a life sized zombie dog for you to hang out with. they put it on the bag of a HUGE GREEN TIGER. ...That we are supposed to not notice i guess. we are also not supposed to notice the human foot on the tiger's ear.

Sonia made these chocolate eyeballs. they were made of concentrated Oreo i think. They were incredibly popular.

Human fingers. (carrots and almonds is the secret, you guys.)

Some cookies...

And here are all the books stacked up like zombies strolling the streets!

and that's it!! So August is when the book is out! get ready! And happy Valentines Day, you guys. And thanks, Nami and Sonia and everybody at Simon&Schusterrrrr.....!

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

TWIN PEAKS making of

You guys! This Saturday is the Twin Peaks 20th Anniversary Show in LA. Artwork inspired by Twin Peaks. An amazing list of artists that i feel honored to be showing with, including David Lynch himself! I cant wait to see what that dude does. He designed the SITE for it.

It has been awhile since i did a little making of sort of thing, so let's do it for the piece that i have submitted to the show! It is called "Concentrating On The J's", taken from one of my favorite scenes in the Twin Peaks series. A pleasant forest scene with Agent Cooper and his friends. Let's take a walk down
memory lane and see how it all went!

1. i started out by watching lots of clips and gathering many images from the internet. i love this stage because i get to experience the show again. I also get pretty addicted to reference in a sort of procrastination way.

2. i doodled little thumbnails of the piece and the characters and elements for the painting. just blue pencil on copy paper.

3. i scanned everything and composed it all in photoshop and added rough value ideas. i like to just use the initial doodles all loose like that so i can keep the energy of those dogs. and loose is better so i don't feel too committed to the renderings. then i printed them out and taped them all together because my printer only prints little normal sheets of paper. you know what i mean.

4. with a hard 4h or 5h pencil i traced the image lightly onto rough watercolor paper. arches probably. pretty loose still.

5. i like to start painting back to front, starting with the background sky because it gives it the basic color mood and makes me feel like i just accomplished a lot of painting. even if it is just a color wash.

6. i do the wash by covering the space with light color and water so the whole surface is wet, then i can touch the colors to the wet spots and the colors run and spread in sweet ways. i really like when there is texture and color variation like this. especially when there are lots of sloppy watermarks...

7. adding the ground, i paint around some areas like characters and main objects. so the colors can be more vibrant with those. and not all yellowy... in this instance.

8. all of the background washes are in there with the characters left out..

9. the back level of trees come next. i just paint simple stripes for those.

10. i dont stay in the lines as you can see. i'm pretty sloppy at this stage. it's ok because the lines will make everything tighter later anyway. but my paintings are never super tight as it is. it's how i do things, you guys.

11. all the background trees are in. sweet job.

12. the closer trees are next. so i paint those darker. darker stripes, everyone.

13. there they are. and then i add the basic branches. i wanted it to sort of look like a wallpaper pattern.

14. now that the background colors are all done, i get to do the character and object colors. an enjoyable part. i paint the little dude in the tree like a little cherry. (i know he's not in this scene in the show. but there he is in this painting anyway.)

15. here are Agent Cooper and his buddies with their loose colors all in there.

16. Ok. time for the linework. i make sure i have the printout there to remind me how i did the lines the first time. (that's another project in the background. don't look at that project.)

17. i mix an alizarin and burnt sienna color for my linework. but it varies depending on the object. the bark gets pretty dark with the lines.

18. i go over lines a number of times if the values are sweet. and give an extra thick outline to the characters silhouettes to pop them.

19. after the lines are in, i go back and punch up the values where it is needed. and that's it!

...and here is the finished painting like a magical spell!

"Concentrating On The J's"


So go see the show! there are some amazing artists with work in this show. Daily Dujour and Hi-Fructose did pieces on it. I will not be able to attend unfortunatley, but i highly recommend you go check it out!

AND if you havent seen the GREAT SHOWDOWNS EXHIBITION... you SHOULD. I'll be painting the CONTEST WINNER SHOWDOWN soon... i'll let you know how that goes..

Monday, February 07, 2011

Splendid show, everyone.

That was a very enjoyable show. I was so happy to see so many people come out for it and try the contest and raise beverages together. so great. i super appreciate all of you being there.

THE GREAT SHOWDOWNS EXHIBIT… artwork now available HERE!

NEW Print Sets and Coaster Sets……. HERE!

The Contest results…….. HERE!

the show in ON VIEW at Gallery 1988 until Feb 26th!

thanks, for coming, everyone!! Here are some more photo memories for you...

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

this FRIDAY!!

This is totally it! the GREAT SHOWDOWNS exhibition......

THIS Friday, Feb. 4th
opening reception from 7-10 PM
at G1988 (Melrose)

You guys, i am so excited. we are going to have a NEW SET OF PRINTS debuting at the show AND another special thing.... COASTER SETS! that you can rest your drinks on as you discuss interesting films.

Another sweet thing we are going to have is a CONTEST. We'll have about 20 showdowns that will be unlabeled. Everyone will have the chance to name them and the person who names the most shall get a special showdown of their choice. i shall paint whatever showdown they want! any one! so you need to come to the show on friday and try it! more info here

on display will be 200 showdowns, about 25 of which have never been seen on the site. also on display will be some of the doodles that eventually turned into the paintings. here is an example...

so that's it! come hang out with us!

and if you want on the PREVIEW LIST email Gallery 1988 HERE. and watch the Gallery 1988 blog for updates.

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