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Friday, July 31, 2009

the Rivet show! ..artwork..

This show is going to be fun times. i wish i could go to it. But i'll bet Daniel Elson will be there. He helped curate the show and he has a sweet moustache. I met him in San Diego last weekend finally, and he is super nice. He does cute stuff. check it out.. you will like it.

ok, well here are the three pieces i did for the Rivet show on saturday night. They are all about nostalgia, of course.
Which i love. Some of my favorite shows from my childhood.

"Super Hungry"

"The Roast"

"Feelin' Super Similar"

I know. I used "super" twice. i dont know what i was thinking. i must have been excited...

Ok! so go to the show if you live in Columbus, OH!

Ok, later!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Art Show this Saturday.. Columbus, OH

Dear, gang.

This saturday i have a few paintings in this show at Rivet Gallery. I'll post the paintings on friday probably.

the details..

"We'll Be Right Back... After These Messages"
A group exhibition inspired by cartoons from the 80s & early 90s

Opening August 1st, 7-10pm
runs through Aug 31st.

1200 N. High St.
Columbus, OH 43201

Here is a little portion of one of the paintings. sneaky style...

Monday, July 27, 2009

SDCC Scrapbook

Oh, man, that was an enjoyable weekend. I met some great people. Thanks to everyone who came by!

here are some memories in photograph form..

Our booth. Flight and Gallery Nucleus. Bros.

Dudes playing Brutal Legend (at the EA booth)..

the marquee at the Brutal Legend party..

Three Inches of Blood...
Our paintings at the Voyeur Club...

the DJ wall at the Voyeur Club...

the end. there were more memories as well, that i dont have pictures of them, so i am unsure if they really happened. all in all, good times. see you!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

San Diego Comic Con...

I shall be there this year, everyone. Kicking it at the Flight Comics / Gallery Nucleus booth #2329! Thursday -Sunday, July 23-26th.

Although i am very sad to say that i did not do a new Igloo Head and Tree Head for Flight 6, which is debuting at the con. very sorry. i was busy painting houses what are cutaway.

BUT i shall have these things at the booth!!!:

-the Double Fine
Action Comics Book!
-Double Fine
Action Comics T-shirts!
-Double Fine
Action Comics buttons!
-Double Fine
Action Comics Stickers!
-New Prints!

Double Fine Action Comic stuff...

New Prints, such as...

And one SPECIAL PRINT from the SUPREME BROSHIP show in London. This is by far my favorite piece. It is called "Raygun" and it is one of the collaboratives Jim Mahfood and i did together. He will have prints of it at his table and i shall have some at my table...

Also! on friday i shall be doing some live painting with Jim Mahfood at this place called the Voyeur Club.

Brutal Legend with have a big presence at the EA booth this year. So if you want to see the other project i've been working on for the last bunch of years, go by the EA booth. Tim Schafer will also be there and i know you love that good bro. I think GWAR might be kicking it, too. Unsure.

OK! that's it! See you in San Diego!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

the GREAT SHOWDOWNS +new prints!

Hello, everyone!
Tonight is the Crazy 4 Cult show at Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles!

At this show, you will find these 10 new GREAT SHOWDOWNS. (3rd installement of these showdowns.)

Also, to commemorate this event, Gallery 1988 is putting out some new very limited edition prints of pieces I did for last year's show.

They are:

"The Cult Tree" (now with no words!)

"Great Showdowns" (Set #3)

More information on the Gallery 1988 blog!

ok, awesome. see you!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Crazy 4 Cult 3D

Get ready, everyone. Crazy 4 Cult is back on July 16th at Gallery 1988.

I shall have 10 more Great Showdowns in the show for viewing excitement.

Also, new prints shall be revealed. Prepare thineselves.

Monday, July 06, 2009

New Line of PRINTS. (revealed)

Hey! Everyone! Excitement day!

Poster Cabaret just unveiled it's new line of SCOTT C. LIMITED EDISH SIGNED PRINTS! OMG.

So far they include some inventors, some houses and some musicians. So if those things interested you back in the day, you might be excited to see them in your hands. or on your wall. or in your satchel.

These are the prints you will find at

Lot's of blasts from the past, eh? rad.

Poster Cabaret rules, by the way. They have some amazing prints by other artists that i like very much. i think you will like Poster Cabaret.

Friday, July 03, 2009

Video of the Cafe 1001 wall... London

Here is a blast from the recent past. Derek Bremner put up a video of Jim, 3MegaBits and myself doing the wall at Cafe 1001 in London. Check it out..

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