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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Portland... July 3rd!

This Thursday the 3rd of july i will take part in a 2 person show with Daria Tessler. We are both doing underwater things. It will be amazing most likely and you should all go. I shall be there. Daria shall also be there. So will that bearded fellow, David Youngblood. You're in for a real treat!

It will be at the Pony Club! 625 NW Everett st. Show will be up for a month i believe? Yes, i believe so. I will post the art later this week for public digital viewing.

see you there!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Adorable CDs...

oh, my goodness, my diary. Check out how adorable this little CD is that Cloudberry records sent me. It's for the Parallelograms, obviously. So cute. All their records are cute looking and sounding. Go check them out right now.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

new bros.

hey, so this past weekend was super fun. i met some pretty amazing people. dustin harbin and shelton drum and all the heroes con people blew me away with how dope they were. Charoltteneans rule for sure.

other new bro examples who you need to investigate are these: Kazimir Strzepek (mourning star), Liz Prince (little books that are funny), Laura Park (i wear a shirt she designed without knowing it), Brian Ralph (little cave man dudes among other things), Nicolas Gurewitch (perry bible fellowship amazing), and Matt Chapman and his actual bro (homestar runner oh man). And Derek Ballard was my awesome skilled neighbor.

i didnt take any photos as usual, but here is one from Adhouse's photos. It is of dustin getting his auction on in front of the Thing (a popular character made of rock).

Monday, June 16, 2008

Charlotte, NC..... this weekend

Hey, everyone. this weekend i will be a guest at Heroes Con in Charlotte. June 21-22. It's a big comic show with an indie section called "indie island". that's where i'll be. i'll have hickee comics, prints, king of kong posters, shirts, and so on..

also, i did a poster for the show, that they will have limited edition prints of.. so those will be good times to enjoy. that piece is pictured above. an island with a convention on it. surrounded by sea monsters and water. and a scale for measuring. and a scroll. and a compass. seafaring things.

awesome, well, i hope to see you east coasters there!


p.s. the original for this indie island painting will be on display... until it is auctioned. so you can visit it if you want.

Monday, June 09, 2008

the BOOK

The Double Fine Action Comics! In book form! What the heck?

Volume 1 will include the first 300 of my comics. Plus other things like a board game, a pin up, a making of, a commentary, and a foreword by TIM Schafer (whose words are world famous). .. all kinds of things that will make you super psyched.

It's a Double Fine and Nerdcore teamup and it's coming out in AUGUST, but you can preorder from Nerdcore right now! And at San Diego Comic Con, we should have some as well. more on that later.

so go preorder crazy and buy one for each room of the house! preorder crazy.

ok, see you all soon.

from scottc.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008


1. MoCCA festival. This saturday and sunday in New York. I will be there with the Alternative Comics table. Come find us and celebrate.

I say celebrate because i have just moved here. To New York. And it's pretty fantastic. They're always working on stuff all the time here. Like skyscrapers. Here's a shot or a typical new yorker. Working on a typical New York project, obviously enjoying his or herself.

ok, see you all soon.

your pal, scott c.
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