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Sunday, May 23, 2010

progress party

hey, everybody. want to see what i am working on? i will show you. i am working on two things (besides top secret Double Fine things):

1. Zombie children's book
2. more Great Showdowns

the zombie book is with Simon and Schuster and it is due quite soon. so i will post progress here and there. the GREAT SHOWDOWNS is an ongoing project... so i will keep doing those... for awhile.. in waves and batches.
and that's pretty much it. but that is enough for now perhaps. i am about to embark into the painting stage on these children's pages.. here are some photo memories thus far..

... sketching and laying out pages for the zombie book in photoshop.. are some special scenes. poor guy. rough times for poor guy. a zombie looking for love...

..i've traced all of the drawings onto watercolor paper..

... and started laying in the basic colors. this is the big ball scene. (inspired by Back To The Future)

on the GREAT SHOWDOWNS front, i have done about 40 new ones! they are sitting there chilling out, waiting to be uploaded to the site. a gradual thing.

and that's it for you, you guys! i shall keep you updated, world!


Thursday, May 13, 2010

pictures, everybody.

hi, you guys. guess what? i am finally done with traveling for awhile and am getting back into the groove here in New York. want to see some memories? here are some memories of the past few things that have happened... Stumptown in Portland, amicvc monstrvm in San Francisco, and TCAF in Toronto. it has been a very exciting few weeks..

My brother took a bunch of photos from the amicvs monstrvm show.. you should check them out on his flickr.

ok... memories:

...our table at Stumptown. there's graham. holding a shirt there.

...and here is Gabe Miller at the Stumptown table. sittin. chillin. is the amicvs monstrvm show. it was a regular who's who of bros. are paul allan and scott brode. very tight bros. is Nathan Stapley. other fellow in the show. also, a bro, as you probably know.

... some dudes checking out the artwork. one is bearded.

... here is a moment at TCAF. Kean Soo and Mike Holmes hang out with Mummy and Kate Beaton's fat pony.

... later mummy gets some private time with fat pony. he doesnt need those other guys.

and that's it! memories! thanks to everyone who came out to any of this stuff! it was good to see you..

ok, later..


Wednesday, May 05, 2010

TCAF is this weekend!

I am so excited. my favorite comic festival is this weekend in Toronto. TCAF!

I will be there sharing a table with Graham Annable at TABLE #159...

...we will have the usual wares: DFAC books, prints, shirts, buttons, etc.


ALSO PANELS! i will be taking part in two panels and one sweet interview. all on SATURDAY. Here are the listings.

Spotlight: Graham Annable’s HICKEE
Saturday, May 8th, 12:30 – 1:15pm, Novella Room

The Spirit of Indie: Where Comics Meet Video GamesSaturday, May 8th, 2:00 – 2:45pm, The Pilot

Canadian Drawing and Cartoon Art in Galleries
Saturday, May 8th, 4:00 – 5:00, The Pilot

---------- i highly recommend the GRAHAM ANNABLE INTERVIEW. because that is just going to be Graham and i joking around. super informative. come learn all about graham and why we are such tight bros.

ok! come see us! goddamn!

by the way, here is one of the new prints you Torntoans might enjoy picking up. LUMBERJACKS!

Monday, May 03, 2010

The show: sweet success

hey, everybody! thanks for coming to the amicvs monstrvm show! it was super fun to see everyone. you all look nice these days. my mom had a real good time.

the artwork is up online if you want to check it out! the artwork!

i will post photos later because i know my brother took a bunch. but here is one from earlier in the evening....

and here are a few of the other pieces... i posted them all on my flickr as well..

"Ape Amongst Apes"

"Wolfmans On School Grounds"

"Ultramans All Day and All Night"

"The Hammerheads Growing Club"

"Picnic With The Draculas"

"Kraken's Floating Bar'

"BBQ at Kong's"

"Anyone's Game"

"Enjoying The SR-71"

"The Entertainers"

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