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Monday, May 19, 2008

the E.T. collection.

These are for a small group show at Gallery 1988 in LA called "One To Grow On". Check them out!










One To Grow On! go to this show!
tuesday night May 20th @ Gallery 1988 in LA. (runs through June 1st)
7020 melrose ave.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Ninja Shirts for Everyone

Don't worry, everyone. Gallery Nucleus has new ninja shirts for all of you. But this time they are RED. Like the blood that the ninja shed.

So go ahead and go get one of those things. You are sure to look amazing.

your pal, scottc.

p.s. dearest diary, what size are you? i'll get you one. wait.. guy or girl style? i dont know... get back to me.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

questions... and some pacmans.

dear everyone and my digital diary,

first of all, thank you for coming to the cute hunter show. you are great.

second, megagoosey did an interview and posted it. perhaps you are interested in these questions and the answers to them. i thought very hard about the answers.

it is here.

thirdly, Gallery 1988 is going to come out with a limited edition set of some more Pac Man prints.. perhaps those will be of interest to you. more information on their blog..

these are the 5 that will be in that cute little set...

ok, later!

Saturday, May 03, 2008

ok. Cute Hunter.

so tonight is the Cute Hunter show at Secret Headquarters. you must come to it! or view it virtually..
They've posted all of the work here.

here is what the show contains within...

"Cute Hunter Ascends"
"Cute Hunter Long Day"

"Cute Hunter Takes A Call"

"Cute Hunter Questions Globe"

"Cute Hunter Longingly"

"Cute Hunter Woos Lady"

"Cute Hunter Retires"

"Trophies from the Cute Collection"

a full list of the trophies chosen for this exhibition:

trophy #1, Species: Lil' Precious
trophy #2, Species: Cutie Potatoe pie
trophy #3, Species: Sweet Peepee
trophy #4, Species: Eegeegee Boogeegee
trophy #5, Species: Lil' Baby BaBooBoo
trophy #6, Species: Cuddle 4 Keeps
trophy #7, Species: Cheekeeaboo
trophy #8, Species: Fattie
trophy #9, Species: Strawberry Lips
trophy #10, Species: Candy Face
trophy #11, Species: Breath of Flower
trophy #12, Species: Sugar Pile
trophy #13, Species: Bouncy
trophy #14, Species: Grinding Death
trophy #15, Species: Sweet Peepee
trophy #16, Species: Poopy
trophy #17, Species: Happy Happy Jumpy
trophy #18, Species: Kissie
trophy #19, Species: Puppy Drool
trophy #20, Species: Love Cloud

and now... Early Cute Hunters...

"Super Happy Nose Poke"

"Caveman Ridge"
"Rock Mouthing"

and thus ends the cute hunter show. awesome. i am happy for you to have checked out this window into the life of the cute hunter.
see you! go swimming!

Thursday, May 01, 2008

a Battle from Stumptown

Hello, everyone.
So Stumptown was great, last weekend. Graham and i had a nice relaxing time at the table. Selling Hickees. and other things.
A fellow with a beard named pete (from the amazing GEEGAR) had me battle a fellow named Zack Soto (from pony club) through old fashioned drawing. Both of these dudes are very cool.
The battle went like this:
it was a fun battle.
ok, till next time. (which will probably be tomorrow. because i need to post about that show..)
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