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Friday, November 21, 2008

smoking and shaving

This is for a bro named alan. He makes movies and loves smoking pipes. And shaving. Go look at his films. They are radical.

you can see them at:

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Russians at Rotopol

Hey, everyone!
Some news! i have sent some artwork overseas to take part in this show in Kassel, Germany. It is at a place called Rotopol. The theme of this show is Russians (Russen, if you are wanting to speak more germanly).

Check out these amazing flyers for it, that i did not do!

RUSSEN @ rotopol
November 14th 2008 to January 31st 2009
Friedrich-Eber-Str. 95
D-34119 Kassel

Sweet. I am excited for my artworks to enjoy a trip overseas. I wish i could go with them.

Friday, November 07, 2008

Imaginary Friends paintings...

Hi. Here are the paintings i submitted for the Imaginary Friends show at Gallery 1988 tonight. Go see them Live and In Person. but also.. online...

"Tofu and The Sushis"

"The Sushis"

"Sushi (Stars In The Gut)"

"Sushis Meet The Tempuras"

"Sushis Fitting In"

"Sushis and the Duel"

"Puffin' It"

"Miso Super Seaweed"

"Oyster Drivin'"

"Octopus Corral"

"Diver Sprout"

"Happiness On The High Seas"


1988's blog always has interesting tidbits of info...
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