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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Cloudy Collection prints!!

Dear everyone,

this morning the new Cloudy Collection print set has become available. oh, man, it is the best set.

It is called Hovels and Hideaways and will consist of 7 prints by this gang:

Bwana Spoons
Vincent Stall

S. Britt
Vera Brosgol
David Huyck


Here is what i submitted to this set. A mummy and his hovel...

Thursday, June 25, 2009

goodbye, michael jackson..

You taught me many moves and Thriller, in my walkman, went with me most places i would go.


Diskurdisko's got a new interview up. with me. check it out..

some of it is in a language foreign to my own. fyi. but i dont think there is any swearing. don't worry.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Return to NYC. The recap.

First of all, the entire array of artwork from the SUPREME BROSHIP show is now online and ready for purchase and adoption! Go check it all out! there is a lot to see.

All the artwork is at the gallery blog for perusal:

***if you want to buy any of these sweet gems contact:
Tina Ziegler

The artwork in it's entirety is also on my flickr:

Here are just a few selected works...

First, some collaborations i sent to Jim Mahood in the mail, that he added to:

"A Splendid Catch"


"Ray Gun" (Hands down my favorite piece from the show. look at this shizz!)

"Icee Fun"

"I Love Lemon"

Some collaborations Jim sent to me, that i added to:

"Feeling Tickled"

"Walkie Talkie Schemin"

"Three on a Heist (with bug)"

"Arrival of Sweet Boombox"

"Lazy Butt Meets Couch"

An here are a few of my solo ones...

"The Wonders"

"Some Americans"

"The Dragon Helmet"

"Not A Strong Swimmer"

"Waterin' the Shrubs"

"Pre Battle tea"

The show will be up until July 4th, so you can still go see it!

Pictures! Derek will have some sweet pictures soon, i will wager. But check out Tara McPherson's blog for a few pleasant memories we had the night of the show: (she's travelling through europe on her book tour. her work rules as you probably already know.)

Here's a picture of Lou, Tara, and Derek. for your scrapbook...

Also, our new friend Lina took some cool little photos of the live art sessions with 3MegaBit.. Sweet Photos. check them!

Here is one of Lina's photos of me casting some sort of spell... (for your scrapbook)

Alright! Thanks to everyone we hung out with in the UK. Best time ever.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

The second time...

So i painted my second ever wall last night at Cafe 1001 in east London. Oh, man, it felt pretty good. Jim Mahfood and the 3Megabits guys were great. They are skilled in the art of painting walls.

Here is a picture. Romain of 3megabit is on the ladder. My dude is the blue dude in the middle with the yellow and orange serpents coming out of his mouth.

interesting fact: the area where this cafe is located was Jack the Ripper's stomping ground. that sure is a spooky fact, eh? we went by the Ten Bells pub, which was his hangout.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Cafe 10001... tonight

More live painting with the 3megabit guys tonight. come!

1 Dray walk, 91 Brick Lane, London. E1 - [020] 7247 9679

here is a photo from last night at CARGO.

Friday, June 12, 2009

CARGO tonight!

Jim and I with the 3Megabits guys..

@ Cargo in London. come over!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Tonight! The Show!

Alright, everyone. I know the Tube is on strike, but brave the streets and come to the show tonight! It is an overwhelming amount of art. Seriously. over 80 paintings. i go nuts when i walk in there.

London Miles 7-10pm
212 KENSINGTON PARK ROAD, Notting Hill Gate, London
(44) 0 2077 274 447

here are some more tastes..

"Mummy Playset"

"Wanting a Piece of One Another" (Food One/ Scott C Collaboration)

"Igloo Head and Tree Head (Day Off)" ...these dudes make a few appearances.

The work is viewable at the gallery blog. i'll post the rest tomorrow..


Friday June 12 6-10pm -- Food One/ Scott C Live painting -- Cargo 83 Rivington st. London

Saturday June 13 6-?pm -- Food One/ Scott C Live painting -- 91 Brick Ln. London

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Forbidden Planet signing today.

Forbidden Planet
4 -7 pm
179 Shaftesbury Avenue, London, WC2H 8JR

i'll have Double Fine Acton Comics books, Shirts, Buttons, etc.

Also, online preview of the Supreme Broship work is up:

And on Friday we are doing this live art thing at a place called Cafe 10001. i have never done live art before, so we will see how it goes. Jim Mahfood and myself. more information soon, but here is a new flyer with all the events that you can print out and put into your wallet for the Jim Mahfood/ Scott C good times tour! Come and let us grasp hands in friendship.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009


Dear everyone who came to visit us at MoCCA,

You are great.

Photo album:

Ok, thanks, everyone. See you!

p.s. I am posting this from a train on British soil. The future has arrived. No more waiting around for the future. It's pretty much here already. FYI.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

See you at MoCCA.

This weekend is MoCCA (the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art Festival). At the armory building in Manhattan.

I will have a table there with Nathan Stapley.

Here is a shopping list of things at our table:

-Double Fine Action Comics books (the book compiling these dudes)
-Hickee comics

-various prints of various sizes and themes.
-Great Great Grandshow books

-perhaps some special Nathan Stapley things.

But also, we will be debuting some things that will soon appear in the DF Shop:
-Double Fine Action Comic SHIRTS
-Double Fine Action Comic STICKERS

-Double Fine Action Comic BUTTONS

The image on the shirt: Knight, Muscleman, and 2HB kickin' it.

The buttons look like little candies...

The sticker looks like a sticker. (the brick wall is not on the sticker. it is a "background")

So you can be the very very first to own these last few things. Since this is a SNEAK PEEK, as it were.

Alright SWEET
. See you this weekend perhaps.
-scott c.

P.S. we'll be at table 336!
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