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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

the Year of Brutal.

So Brutal Legend, the game we've been working on at Double Fine, has been reannounced! with a new trailer and some new things from DF Shop.

One such thing is this Poster of The Beast. It is a concept i did near the beginning of the project.. it may be interesting to see, since it is in a very different style than the usual watercolor deals i like to do. A more METAL style.
Which is what the game calls for. it is a tough game.

The game is going to rule, so you should probably get excited. Here is a trailer. And Tim sitting on a throne.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Another great gift...

The official GREAT GREAT GRANDSHOW art book! Commemorating the show this past august!

Each artist has their own section of work from the show. I think pretty close to all the work is included. And Jon Klassen did the amazing cover.

The artists of course are: Jon Klassen, Graham Annable, Israel Sanchez, and Scott Campbell. There is even an interview of all of us telling stories.

That was the best show ever. Which means this book is probably the best book ever.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Scott C. Holidays

hi, everyone. guess what? The Totoro Forest Project and Gallery Nucleus have started putting out select prints from the Totoro exhibition. Proceeds of which will go towards the Totoro Forest fund. One print is my "Tree Spirit with Bike".

It would probably make an amazing christmas present. Or present of any other sort of holiday cheer. in fact there are many prints and actual paintings that might make great presents! oh, man!!

and Gallery Nucleus has said that if you get orders to them by Dec. 16th, you should be go
lden child as far as getting them in time for that one holiday on the 25th. so for it!!! go craaaaazy!!

Here's another example of a superb christmas present/new years/hanukkah present:

(an actual painting. )

p.s. Gallery 1988 also has some prints of mine that would look good wrapped up probably. like those ETs having a blast..

Sunday, December 07, 2008


So the ad campaign has launched in Portugal for the independent film group Show Off! Designed by two awesome fellows named Marcelo Lourenco and Pedro Bexiga of Fuel with the help of Hiro Kawahara. I did a bunch of paintings for them depicting an idea and the enemy of that idea. To show how projects often dont see the light of day. It was a fun project to work on. Here are some of them..

So if you are in portugal, you might see these in magazines and papers. Keep your eyes peeled.

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