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Sunday, May 31, 2009

London Sneak Peek

So very soon, Jim Mahfood and i will be in London for the SUPREME BROSHIP show at London Miles gallery in Notting Hill. June 11th.

We did a whole bunch of stuff for this show. Including collaborations. Which is something sort of new to me, aside from the comics i used to do with the Hickee guys. Jim sent me some paintings that he started and i sent him some that i started. We then added our bits in response. Here is a sneak peek at some of those..

Jim sent me these and i added to them. I enjoyed this process. (althoug
h i started to use acryla-gouache and got weirded out. not my usual medium. i bailed on it.)

And here are a few of the solo pieces i did. (Igloo Head and Tree Head will be making a number of appearances with their friends.)

"Ninja Catch"

"Walking Dioskilos"

"Volcano Head (Getting Excited)"

So yeah! Come to the show if you are near London. Jim and i will be there along with Jon Gibson and Derek Puleston of Nerdcore.

OH, and dont forget we will also be signing books at Forbidden Planet the night before on the 10th. I'll have a bunch of copies of the Double Fine Action Comics book.
We'll also have them at the show. And i'll have some prints of things..

IN OTHER NEWS... E3 is this week.. which means, Tim S. will be down there showing off Brutal Legend. It will be a very exciting week.

whoah, UPDATE: i just noticed they are doing some big giveaway thing with tim and twitter. I designed this atrocious Tenacious D guitar for the game. They build a real version and are giving it away. That makes this week even more exciting!


sonoio said...

muy divertidos!

Armando said...

Man, I love these! HA HA HA!! The Ninja Catch is awesome.

Duh said...

i realy liked the one with the people smoking, plus ninja catch is funny

luke said...

looking forward to the london show, I shall 'be there with knobs on' as we (don't often) say in old blighty.

Josh Blair said...

The collaboration with Mahfood is too awesome.

Katie said...

Wow, the collaborations look really cool!! I like the middle one best, but the one with the girl with creepy onlookers is neat too!

WJC said...

I'm looking forward to seeing the exhibition too! Fantastic work, great collaboration.

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