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Thursday, May 28, 2009

the rest of the Quiet Storms.

Well, the Quiet Storm show was great. Everyone's work is pretty awesome. Go chekc it all out on the 1988 site... the ARTWORK!

Here are the other ones i dd for the show.. please enjoy them if you'd like.

The Hideout

Shaking The Lightning

Pizza. Digging In.

The Tea Spilling

Terrifying One's Neighborhood

Cloudy Surprise

Frying Up Some Iggys

Keeping Them At Bay

Some Wine, Perhaps?

Finding The Perfect Spot

Four In Need Of Refreshment

Standing And Delivering (Some Love)

Sweet! I very much enjoyed making these. Geez.

you can also check them out on my Flickr thing..

ok, later!


damon said...

very cool

love the iggy pop one

patricio.betteo said...

You nailed The Beatles perfectly in your style.

The Daft Punk piece is a blast.

Big respects and laughs as always!

Bagel said...


bearskin rug said...

Great Work!!!

barelyrobot said...

thats the greatest thing i've seen lately :)
all of them look ,like they sound exp DEVO
awesome stuff (:

Kate said...

Frying up the Iggys is my fav.

Neworld said...

The Devo and Daft Punk ones are really the bess knees.

TheShoeGirl said...

Umm... I kind of NEED the devo one.

Duh said...

the devo one was the best watercollor painting EVER

i need its print

Viewtiful_Justin said...

I love these!

Unknown said...

seeing the björk piece made my day times ten. i'm so happy you included her in this amazing series.
plus daft punk and MJ with zombies :) another kickass set.

Jon Klassen said...

the tea spilling. still awesome.

TheShoeGirl said...

Well pooey! DEVO was sold of course... but I got the Bjork one!!! YAY!!

Thank you for being amazing! :D

David Jackson said...

love the Iggy Pop one, and the Daft Punk one made me chuckle

Ariel said...

i was very amused by "some wine, perhaps?"

m.h. said...

these are all great, but my favorite is the vu treehouse. just perfect. said...

Love the Ramones one, I don't listen to them really but its just an amazing picture. Also the little John Lennon made me lol buckets.Your art makes my eyes feel too good, man

Alexei Martins said...

Oh my!!!Ozzy...Daft Punk...Iggy Pop...and Oh Björk!!!amazing stuff!!!

Ryan said...

These are ridiculously awesome. I so wish you would draw Dyla.

Ryan said...

um, Dylan.

Anonymous said...

love these!

the Big Ugly said...

How much would it be for me to get The Tea Spilling as a print? If interested, here's my e-mail. Thanks!

howisya said...

Enjoyed them all! :)

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