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Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Mark your calendars everyone. The Greatest show to ever happen ever is going to happen August 16th at Gallery Nucleus in LA.

It will be called GREAT GREAT GRANDSHOW. It shall be an olde timey show with olde timey paintings by: Graham Annable, Jon Klassen, Israel Sanchez, and ME. Four ultimate bros. And we will all be down there kicking it. even Graham and he has a new baby to contend with.

holy... mark your calendars for sure. your calendars will be psyched.

Monday, July 21, 2008

San Diego Con ....+FLIGHT 5 debut

San Diego Comic Con is this weekend. It will be a special comic con because the new FLIGHT 5 will be out. This FLIGHT 5 will contain the new Igloo Head and Tree Head story, along with other great stories.

So i will be down there hanging out at the Flight/Nucleus table (booth #1228). Selling prints, shirts, and Hickees..

But also sometimes i will be hanging at the Munky King table (booth #4539) with I AM 8BIT and NERDCORE.
We'll have King of Kong prints.

ok, so write down all of that information in your awesome con notebook list of things to do and i will see you there.

signed, scottc.

p.s. When i say Hickee... this is what i mean, of course:

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


this person sure seems to be enjoying this smash hit video game. wow.

......courtesy of the I AM 8BIT show in august.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Totoro Forest Project!

ok, everyone. it is time to start talking about the Totoro Forest Project. Dice Tsutsumi and his bros are putting together this amazing art auction to benefit the Sayama Forest (aka totoro forest... from that movie My Neighbor Totoro. perhaps you have heard of it).

Some amazing art in this show. This is my piece for it. "Tree Spirit with Bike".

go to the website for more info! All the artwork is on digital display. You can help the forest as well, if you would like.


Hittin the Big Time

That's right everyone. I finally made it into Watercolor Artist magazine. A magazine, i actually had not heard of until now. But now i believe in them. Tiny Showcase was mentioned... is why i have made this great discovery.
alright. later days, my diary.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Cute Hunter Prints... super limited..

Tiny Showcase put out another print set last night! From the Cute Hunter Series.. but you should probably go right now and get one because tiny showcase is a popular showcase.

love, scott. c.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Paintings from the deep sea.

So the "Mystical Skrimshaw and Sunken Castles" show went awesomely. Daria's whale ruled. I will post photos when Vera hooks me up. In the meantime, here is the bunch of little paintings I have on display. The show runs until July 31st. So go see it and also enjoy it!! my paintings are arranged in a sort of surfboard shape, i will say. @ the Pony Club!

UPDATE! you can contact Pony Club by emailing David Youngblood at if you are interested in putting any of these underwater pleasantries next to your fishtank or other such tank.

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