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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The first of the Quiet Storms

Here is the first of the paintings that will be shown at the May 26th Gallery 1988 show "Quiet Storm". It is a painting of two musical friends...

"Friendship Trip"

More to come later. I am very excited about these paintings. And i am very excited to actually go to Gallery 1988 this time and hang with the gang. I like hanging.

I'll put them all here


Anonymous said...

These drawings are simple. And simple drawings are the best.

Scott, do you know Peter Sis?

jusupi twitter

JT Bruce said...

It looks like Simon's hair is Garfunkle's gigantic moustache.

DFAC rules.

a Simon and Garfunkel scrapbooker said...

Wonderful and creatively appealing set of paintings, Scott!

The Garfunkel moustache comment reminds me of a related Sleeveface picture where Simon's hair becomes Garfunkel's Cossack-style moustache.

You can viw that Sleeveface picture at


Posting a thumbnail size of your painting for Simon & Garfunkel fans at my Tumberlog. Also linking back to this blog entry along with full attribution to you, the artist. Please let me know if you would prefer otherwise.

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