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Thursday, May 07, 2009

Toronto! This weekend!

oh, man, am i excited.

Tomorrow i am flying up to Toronto for the Toronto Comic Arts Festival where i will be chilling at a table with my bro Graham Annable.

I have have many things at this table for you to come and enjoy along with Graham's sweet stuff. Here are some of those things that i shall have there:

the Double Fine Action Comics book. the super happy debut!

The Great Great Grandshow Book

The Bridge Project book (Anthology in which Graham and i collaborated on a story)

New Prints! such as these...

and Old timers such as these...

Actual paintings of Cute hunter trophies ... (some of them. not all of them.)

And some of these guys might be guests...

also, we will have Hickee comics..

Ok, whew. So there you go. It will be a splendid weekend. See you there perhaps!



RAWLS said...

I'm gonna attempt to be there on Saturday. I'll try and stop by to say hullo.

Adamdraws said...

Looking forward to meeting you man, big fan of your stuff.

A.E. said...

wow, these puppet-pals are real...
the guy in the middle looks like the erman "sandmännchen".
very cool stuff, this!

Anonymous said...

It was really awesome meeting you this weekend!
I've been reading your comics and loving them 8D

Thank you so much for signing my game again!

Adamdraws said...

Hey Scott,
It was a pleasure to meet you, thanks for the the signatures, sketch( I'm getting it framed) answering all my questions and looking at my portfolio, I really appreciated it.

Take care sir.

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