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Monday, April 30, 2007

montreal is a ruling place.

The show is Montreal was great. RedBird is an awesome spot. Naomi is great. Paul is great. Conan and Liam are great.
Here are the pieces i put into the show. There is a good chance they will be in a show in Portland coming up in June. Except for Mummy Piano... that one is flying to LA.
"Battle Supreme" ( just changed the name)
"Bean Bag Tower"
"Mummy Piano"
"Cyclops On Hilltops"

Monday, April 23, 2007

Little Ogre Head.

oh, man. This was the best weekend ever. APE was great. THE INDIE show was great. These are the four paintings i had in the indie show. and the show is still up at gallery 1988, so you should go see it. It will probably be much easier to look at the art now.
ok.. next is montreal this weekend. see all of you in montreal!!!! signed, scottc

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

the Pacmans

Alright, I am 8bit was last night at 1988 Gallery in LA. I couldn't go, but i hear it was awesome. This is what i put in this year...
They are called "the Pacmans". 27 little dudes. I am not sure how they displayed them, but i hope they displayed them like this:
That would have been clever. Maybe they did. I am not sure.
It's still up though. Go see all the awesome stuff there!

p.s. this weekend, you should go to this.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

photos from the Stacks of Stones show.

My brother took these. His name is Brian. He's the best, that guy.
They are of Stacks of Stones at Cowboys and Angels last week. More pictures are here.

That last one is me. In front of my extreme take on ancient egyptian subculture. Other fun things to spot: my Parents, Raz,
Nathan Stapley in his famous Green Hat, old Dude in a beret.

Picks of the Harvest!

oh, hey! that other show just happened in LA this past friday at Thinkspace Gallery! i forgot to mention! but i think it was awesome. i checked out some hidden cameras of the show and so forth. i found photos and things on their site. it'll still be up for awhile, so go see it. it looks to be an eyefull.
here are the four things i put in there..
"Boulder Disguise"
"Tree Disguise"
"Castle Disguise"
"Grassy Hill Disguise"

and that's it. just those four bitchin disguises for those knights to sneak up on other knights. good luck to them. ...scottc

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Stacks Of Stones (the show)

dudes! it was last night. and it went well. i wore a red shirt. Here are all the pieces that were in it. and still are. it'll be up until late june i believe.
"Sharing (Next to Plants)"
"Desert Island Car"
"Left Out"
"Pyramid Costume"
"Tea Time Heads"
"A Solitary Tea"
"Visiting The Kraken"
"Holding Hands On Skates"
"The Barbers And The Barbarees"
"Calling On The Serpents"
"Igloo Passersby"
"StoneHenge Car"
"The Diver And The Spaceman"

"Pyramids Make My Head Look Better"
"Castle Ultimate"

"Sealife HappyHeads"
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