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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

amicvs monstrvm! this Saturday!

Hey! it's almost time!
come to Gallery 1988 this saturday for our show! Nathan Stapley and i! ("amicvs monstrvm" is latin for "friend monster" by the way. so lots of monsters in the show.)

amicvs monstrvm
new paintings by Scott C and Nathan Stapley
OPENING: Saturday, May 1 7-10pm
(runs through May 18)
@Gallery 1988
1173 Sutter St. (SF)

By the way, this is how that Skeleton party painting turned out. you can come check it out at the show!'s called "Skeleton Warrior Water Park"

Ok, see you this saturday! can't wait!

..scott c.

p.s. if you want to get on the PREVIEW LIST to view the artwork, sign up here!

Monday, April 19, 2010

STUMPTOWN this weekend...

hey, everybody.

Stumptown Comics Fest is this weekend in Portland, OR. I will be there with Graham Annable (Grickle) and Gabe Miller (DIRT NAP). You should come say hi. We'll be at table

I'll have the usual stuff: Hickee comics, Double Fine Action Comics book, Prints, and so forth.

i hope to see you! oh, man!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Progress Report: amicvs monstrvm

hi, everybody. i thought i would check in with you and fill you in on my progress with getting these paintings done for amicvs monstrvm.. the show... on May 1st in San Francisco.. at Gallery 1988. .. with Nathan Stapley. (which all you bay area people better go to! i'll be watching! it will be a total reunion) (i am very excited)

here are some recent highlights that you might enjoy as i prepare for this sweet show. are some doodles from when i came up with some sweet ideas. is a sketch of skeletons having a blast that i worked out for one painting. (this is on a computer) i am tracing the skeletons. (tracing is ok, if it is your own thing you are tracing. it is not cheating.)

... here i am mixing some sweet greens on my little plate.

..this was a great moment. washin some backgrounds onto some of the paintings..

.... and here is where i am at right now, pretty much. i still have a lot of lines to paint and values to finish up. this is going to be a crazy couple weeks.

but you can see everything when it is done! come to Gallery 1988 on May 1st! holy!

your pal, scott c.

Friday, April 09, 2010

LUMBERJACKS! (new print)

Hey, everyone!

There is a new print afoot at Poster Cabaret. It is the "Lumberjacks At Work" piece from the London Miles show a few month back. Limited edition of 50! so they will go fast maybe. who knows.

i will have the first bunch with me at MOCCA this weekend. Table D24. The rest are available online at Poster Cabaret.

Some other things we will have at our table D24 this weekend:

Double Fine Action Comics (The Book)
Hickee Comics
Nathan's mini comic
New scott c prints
older Scott C prints
Pizza Bros t-shirts

And making a special appearance, from the smash hit "Mummy By The Window": Mummy

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Hunt and Gather!! (book release and signing!)

Dear everybody! check out this amazing book that Tina Ziegler has put together! it is finally out and it looks quite pretty. like fruit stripe gum.

Tina runs London Miles Gallery and the Hunt&Gather blog where she interviewed me last year! she is the best.

so this book contains lots of pretty great art from a number of people. one such people is me. so you really need to check it out.

This Friday April 9th, a show opens at Thinkspace gallery in LA to celebrate the book release. and on saturday April 10th, there is a big signing that MOST of the artists will be at. Excluding me though. because i will be at MOCCA here in NYC.
so go meet tina and the gang!!

Hunt and Gather show
Exhibition opens on Friday, April 9th from 7pm
Signing day on the 10th of april, from 6pm to 8pm.
(remember to not look for me though)

Even though i will not be at the show, i made this new painting that shall be there. so go say hi to it! it is called "The Lost Ships!".

alright, everyone! enjoy the show! and the book! ...scottc.

Monday, April 05, 2010

MOCCA! (we'll be there)

hey, everybody! MOCCA is this weekend at the armory in NYC. Nathan Stapley and i will have a table there, selling our wares.

i'll have the DFAC book along with shirts and new prints... including "Dog Amongst Dogs" which is now sold out on Poster Cabaret. i have the only remaining prints! holy!

so come by our table! we are at D24.

here's a map of where the armory is: map

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