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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Clock (ancient egyptian)

Hey, everyone. This is for a show in Portland called 11:11. It is a show about clocks. All paintings are on clocks. It is at the pony club. My clock has mummies and ancient egyptians on it...

p.s. this clock totally works. that was a prerequisite for the show.. it will be an awesome sounding show.

here are the show details, my friends.

11:11 ...a clock exhibition
march 6 - 21
reception... March 6th
Pony Club
625 NW everett st. #105
Portland, OR

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Ninjas On A Shirt

ok, so i forgot to mention this when they came out, but Gallery Nucleus recently came out with a new scott c shirt with ninjas fighting on it. and also monsters drinking tea, like from this painting. they have it in men's and women's styles. if you would like ninjas on your shirt, you should go get this. right up your alley.

awesome. stay cool.

Monday, February 04, 2008

King of Kong... alternate cover...

Hey, everybody. the KING OF KONG A FISTFUL OF QUARTERS is the best movie ever. I love this movie very much. The DVD is now out and i am super honored to have done a painting to be used as the alternate cover of the dvd. i havent seen it yet in real life, but i think you can turn the cover inside out. i am unsure, but i think you should go see for yourself. also there are some awesome extras on the dvd like an animated short by gabe swarr about the history of donkey kong. he is the best. gabe swarr.

also, i am 8bit is going to start selling prints of this piece within the month i think. AND we will all be doing a signing in LA sometime this month as well. i will let you know when that is.. when i find out. i think everybody will be there having a good time.. like the king of kong people perhaps...

so here is the dvd you can look for in the stores..
ok, sweet. see you. you're the best.
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