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Sunday, May 31, 2009

London Sneak Peek

So very soon, Jim Mahfood and i will be in London for the SUPREME BROSHIP show at London Miles gallery in Notting Hill. June 11th.

We did a whole bunch of stuff for this show. Including collaborations. Which is something sort of new to me, aside from the comics i used to do with the Hickee guys. Jim sent me some paintings that he started and i sent him some that i started. We then added our bits in response. Here is a sneak peek at some of those..

Jim sent me these and i added to them. I enjoyed this process. (althoug
h i started to use acryla-gouache and got weirded out. not my usual medium. i bailed on it.)

And here are a few of the solo pieces i did. (Igloo Head and Tree Head will be making a number of appearances with their friends.)

"Ninja Catch"

"Walking Dioskilos"

"Volcano Head (Getting Excited)"

So yeah! Come to the show if you are near London. Jim and i will be there along with Jon Gibson and Derek Puleston of Nerdcore.

OH, and dont forget we will also be signing books at Forbidden Planet the night before on the 10th. I'll have a bunch of copies of the Double Fine Action Comics book.
We'll also have them at the show. And i'll have some prints of things..

IN OTHER NEWS... E3 is this week.. which means, Tim S. will be down there showing off Brutal Legend. It will be a very exciting week.

whoah, UPDATE: i just noticed they are doing some big giveaway thing with tim and twitter. I designed this atrocious Tenacious D guitar for the game. They build a real version and are giving it away. That makes this week even more exciting!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

the rest of the Quiet Storms.

Well, the Quiet Storm show was great. Everyone's work is pretty awesome. Go chekc it all out on the 1988 site... the ARTWORK!

Here are the other ones i dd for the show.. please enjoy them if you'd like.

The Hideout

Shaking The Lightning

Pizza. Digging In.

The Tea Spilling

Terrifying One's Neighborhood

Cloudy Surprise

Frying Up Some Iggys

Keeping Them At Bay

Some Wine, Perhaps?

Finding The Perfect Spot

Four In Need Of Refreshment

Standing And Delivering (Some Love)

Sweet! I very much enjoyed making these. Geez.

you can also check them out on my Flickr thing..

ok, later!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Quiet Storm this Tuesday!

Hey, Gang! This Tuesday May 26th is the Quiet Storm show at Gallery 1988. I will be in attendance with the other artists, so come chill it out.

The Gallery revealed another of the paintings on their blog, so i will reveal that shizz, too:

"Building With The Bowies"

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Hey, everyone.

Just giving you the heads up that i will be at MoCCA on June 6-7 with Nathan Stapley. We'll have all the stuff i had at TCAF... and more hopefully. TBA.

So come see us. I'll remind you. Don't worry.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The first of the Quiet Storms

Here is the first of the paintings that will be shown at the May 26th Gallery 1988 show "Quiet Storm". It is a painting of two musical friends...

"Friendship Trip"

More to come later. I am very excited about these paintings. And i am very excited to actually go to Gallery 1988 this time and hang with the gang. I like hanging.

I'll put them all here

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

TCAF. Good times.

Man. TCAF was so amazing. It might be my favorite festivo yet. Here are some moments...

Graham at the table. Feelin Ok. Caveman resting...

Mummy made a bunch of new friends. A very active dude when it comes to friendships. Here are some of his new friendships...

and these were the best hosts ever.. Kean and Naseem. Good leaders of fun times. Also first prize puppeteers.

Thanks to everyone who came by to visit us! I hope you enjoy the DFAC book and i shall see you next time. Around the earth.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Toronto! This weekend!

oh, man, am i excited.

Tomorrow i am flying up to Toronto for the Toronto Comic Arts Festival where i will be chilling at a table with my bro Graham Annable.

I have have many things at this table for you to come and enjoy along with Graham's sweet stuff. Here are some of those things that i shall have there:

the Double Fine Action Comics book. the super happy debut!

The Great Great Grandshow Book

The Bridge Project book (Anthology in which Graham and i collaborated on a story)

New Prints! such as these...

and Old timers such as these...

Actual paintings of Cute hunter trophies ... (some of them. not all of them.)

And some of these guys might be guests...

also, we will have Hickee comics..

Ok, whew. So there you go. It will be a splendid weekend. See you there perhaps!


Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Comic Book Club Live...

So for those of you who are obsessed with comics, there is this great live show that happens at the PIT in Manhattan that you should probably check out. It is called Comic Book Club. It happens every Tuesday at 8pm, also broadcasted on I-tunes..

Well, this Monday, May 11th, i shall be guest on the show. The day i return from TCAF, so i will be all comic booked up. And ready to talk about comic booky things.

So come to the show on MAy 11th! Or tune into the i-Tunes..

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Quiet Storm

Ok. Another thing you need to put onto your calendars. A four person show at Gallery 1988 in L.A. on May 26th.

I will be showing new paintings of musically inclined people. Showing paintings alongside me will be the talented and skilled Krista Huot, Roland Tamayo, and Ghostpatrol. I shall also be in attendance. This will be the first 1988 show i will be able to attend in quite a long time.

More on this as it creeps closer...

Friday, May 01, 2009

LONDON! mark your calendars.

Hey, LONDON, I am coming to hang out with you soon!

Jim Mahfood and I are doing a two man show at the London Miles Gallery on June 11th! Holy Moley! AND the day before we will be doing book signings at Forbidden Planet. I'll have the new DFAC book for everyone!

SUPREME BROSHIP is what it shall be called. Broship because we are bros and we will be doing some collaboratory things. But also, i'll be doing a bunch of new little paintings.. It should be crazy nuts. More as things develop. But get ready Londoners, I am excited to come meet you and hug some castles.

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