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Friday, July 28, 2006


Hi, there, good ole blog. still chilling here? great. well, i've been doing summery things here and there. also, i did this thing for Nickelodeon magazine. it is the cover for their Comic Book insert. it's the best, the comic book insert. they always have awesome comics in there from dudes like graham annable, and sam henderson, and steve weissman and lark pien. lark pien is a girl actually and not a dude. she is awesome at comics.
anyways, this cover is for the october issue, thus the monsters. they are having a race and mummy is winning because his car is a super fast sports car that is mummified... so you can't even tell.. so i guess it's cheating a little bit? but maybe not. anyways, most of the monsters are having a real good time. except dracula. oh, man.. i just realized frankenstein isnt in that thing. what the heck? but dr. jekyll made the cut. good for that guy.
ok, later, diary.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

the lost heads.

hey. so check it out. i found some heads. they were from that batch earlier..
but i forgot about them. so it's like they are brand new sort of.
that's the best feeling. like finding an old 20 dollar bill in your suit pocket after 3 years. or some other awesome similar thing.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

omg. art prints. first ever.

dear everybody.
check it out! my first ever art prints! for SALE! at this awesome gallery in LA called Gallery Nucleus!
this is a momentous time. that is why i am using so many exclamation points..

most of the APE$#!T watercolor paintings are now in print form.. except for one special one i am saving for later. go see!

your pal, scottc
p.s. to the left here is an example of one of the prints, but don't worry, the prints are not this tiny. they are larger size. and totally legit and will look awesome maybe above the mantle or next to that other painting with the puppies on the rug that you might have up next to the deer head..

Monday, July 03, 2006

More Ultimate Tanks

dear everybody.
here are some more ultimate tanks.
they belong to greg and paul now.
also i tried putting them on the side this time. for variety reasons..
we'll see how awesome it goes..
your pal, scottc
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