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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

amicvs monstrvm (SF show announced)

GANG! check it out.

Nathan Stapley and i are having a 2 person show in San Francisco on MAY 1st! it will be at Gallery 1988. The name shall be amicvs monstrvm and it shall contain all new paintings. (there will probably be lots of monsters in the show. i will not lie to you)
We both live in New York right now, but we will be returning to our original home in SF for this show! super excited! you should all come and hang with us! (***it will be my mom's birthday, so you can hang with my mom, too)

Here is the sweet flyer... (one side is my side. the other side is Nathan's side)

amicvs monstrvm
may 1st
Gallery 1988 (SF)

signed, your friend,


Nicole said...
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Nicole said...

aw that looks brilliant! I've only just recently found your work (and found it impressive and amusing), and now I have Nathan's blog to slide my eyes across as well. such funky stuff! I really wish I could check it all out. Alas, I shall be on a different plod of land. hum.. I'm positive you'll have a marvelous show despite my absence, though (heck! might be better without a clumsy nuisance such as myself...).

shades of greyhounds said...

Just to clarify -- it's May 10th? The poster says May 1st.

Adam K said...

yeah new stuff! totally excited for when you and nathan post the paintings on flikr or wherever. CA is not close to CT.

scottc said...

ah! you're right. it is May 1st. i typoed that first line. i have changed it! enjoy all the May 1sts now!

Anonymous said...

I am confused because it says Friday, May 1st for the opening... but thats a Saturday....

Did you mean Saturday or April 30th? I just don't want to miss out!

scottc said...

yeah, they printed the wrong date on there, everyone. i apologize. the correct date is SATURDAY MAY 1st!!

Lesley Vamos said...

Congrats Scott!! wish I could see it!


Sounds like a preety cool show. Good luck!

Horatio said...

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