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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Photo Memories (from London)

Hey, everyone! here are some pictures from the exciting times in London. some are of the show set up. some are of the show itself. some are even of the comic workshop that went down the following saturday.

you can see the rest of the photos on my

Derek Bremner took some photos of the workshop as well. so you should go see those!

...Tina and Tom start hanging the show.

...i start painting some dudes.

...the dudes are finished.

...time to paint some dudes on the outside.

...dudes on the outside! to greet the people!

...the show starts. people arrive.

...the DJ turns out to be dope! he scratched over some of my favorite jams! like some of that Aretha Franklin. his name is x-kutz.

...people look at the lumberjacks as they make a movie in painting form.

...the London Miles gang. Tina, Scarlet, Tom, and Andrew.

...on saturday we make some comics together.

and that's it! the rest are here! and here!

thanks to everyone who came!! and especially thanks to Tina and Phil and the London Miles gang. They are the best. for reals.

SPECIAL NOTE: the show will be moving from the East London location to the West London location on March 15th! so be aware! West London location is: Westbourne Studios. 242 Acklam road. ok! see you!


CHENT said...

Hey Scott, how u doin ?
Are you still in London ?

Will there be any event for teh moving to the Westbourne Studio on the 15th ? Would be nice to catch up if you are still around!


Peter Breese said...

Awesome man, looks like it was a great event.

CoLiBri-réCréAtioN said...

hey good job!

peach said...

Hey You guys are so cool. Hope can paint my place like that :p

Billings Furnace Repair said...

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