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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

An interview for all my Czech homies.

Hey, again. If you can decipher this sweet article, you should! it is from a Czech VG magazine called Level. It's a dope magazine as far as i can tell. i would read it myself, but i'm not wearing the right glasses.

love, scott


tomáš zahrádka said...

Finally, an interview in my native language. I love your illustrations, just a shame that I do not buy this magazine.

NePaul Wilson said...

I'll spend the next five years trying to deciphor this....while I could hire a translator, I don't want him to know the secerts too!

Great work as always, love seeing the work for the Drowning Doom (Tainted Coil is still my favorite though, gag balls and whips, you guys must have had a ball with that).

Unknown said...

cat bus <3
love you work. very inspirational, and funny.

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Czina said...

great! i didn't know Level is stil on. i am going out to buy it right away!

thanks for your drawings, thay are really great.

Eugene said...

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