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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

LUMBERJACKS AT WORK! (process again)

Yo, dogs. so here is how the big painting worked out for the Everybody, All The Time show.. With process photos. you can see them all on flickr, too: here

it's pretty much the same as Zombie Fair. As you shall see..

.....the sketchy sketch!

...more sketchy sketch.

...traced onto paper! doin the wash!

..first the trees!

...more stuff!

..more more stuff. like lumberjacks.


and that's pretty much it.

OH, YEAH! and thanks to Amy and Alan for providing me with so many photos and inside scoops on movie sets. they helped this become super legit. (Alan is the director in the glasses and Amy is the make up girl with no beard)


GG-AngelThanatos said...

So cool! I love the process photos, thanks for sharing. :-)

Colby said...

You're amazing!

samacleod said...

Yeah, you're incredible, these are fantastic.

DH. said...

These are so great, Scott! You are like the Richard Scarry of our times!

Lucas Ferreyra said...

Looooove it! So fun!

Unknown said...

any chance that this will become a print?

Mike Dutton said...

I'd frame this in a huge tree round if I could. Awesome as always, Scott.

k.mediani said...

Wow, amazingly fun and cool!! Thanks for sharing the awesome process pictures with us ^__^

Sam Spina said...

i love seeing the process! you da man

frogzilla said...

Lovin it, lovin it, keep it comin!

RAWLS said...

wow. That's great man!!

Lesley Vamos said...

So awesomely cool Scott - I always admire people who can do these sort of major compositions - I wouldn't even know where to start... ^_^

Andre said...

incredible stuff Scott!

would love to see it as a print :)

Mark Hawks said...

I love your works!

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