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Monday, April 05, 2010

MOCCA! (we'll be there)

hey, everybody! MOCCA is this weekend at the armory in NYC. Nathan Stapley and i will have a table there, selling our wares.

i'll have the DFAC book along with shirts and new prints... including "Dog Amongst Dogs" which is now sold out on Poster Cabaret. i have the only remaining prints! holy!

so come by our table! we are at D24.

here's a map of where the armory is: map


:: smo :: said...

awesome!!! see you there man!

Eve Russell said...

I love the dog.

Lesley Vamos said...

Awesome - good luck Scott ^_^

Unknown said...

Great stuff, I love your blog! Your drawings are hilarious, it's rare to find someone with a genuinely unique style these days, so kudos, man!

Anonymous said...

Hi Scott! it was lovely to meet you at MoCCA. I definitely enjoyed your book and have just ordered a metric buttload of prints. Hope to see you next time you're in London!

All the best

Absolom said...

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