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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Showdown A Day

Holy moley, you guys, i am super excited about this next announcement.

I have finally started a tumblr site for the GREAT SHOWDOWNS. Been wanting to do this for ages. i shall be posting one SHOWDOWN a day. You might recognize the first bunch from the Crazy4Cult shows, but i am going to start doing new ones. many new ones. and keep updating.

so go check it out! and follow it! or whatever awesome stuff you do with tumblr. ok!


see you later!


Phil Arg said...

Hey Scott, when are you going to do more prints of these? Just bought showdowns set 3 off G1988 but they'd look even more super-awesome next to the rest!

Phil Arg said...

btw, is it lame that i'd already bookmarked this before you posted about it??

Arkonbey said...

Could those be more awesome?


Just another reason why I hate you ;)

E Palacios said...

Dude, you are my Hero. A showdown a Day is brilliant!

Melinda said...

Ahh.. these are awesome! Definitely getting your feed so I can see more of this! Awesome work!

Ben Hatke said...

Hooray for showdowns|

I'm happy about the Blade Runner one. They look cheery.

Katie said...


numero equivocado said...

i have you on my google reader so i always read you but today when i went on my tumblr i saw you on the radar!! now im following you also im windowshopper.

spacesick said...

I just saw this! The world is a better place to live because of it. Love it!

Unknown said...

I have a hard time believing this could be this awesome. But it is. Holy Hell.

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