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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Twin Peaks Art Exhibition

You guys! i am super excited to be a part of the Twin Peaks 2oth An
niversary show on Feb 12 and 13th in LA! A week after the GREAT SHOWDOWNS exhibition.

Twin Peaks was one of my favorite shows of all time, so it was the greatest pleasure ever doing a painting for it. i will post the painting closer to the show. But in the meantime here is the awesome site they have for it! David Lynch did the design! David also has work in the show which
should be the best thing on earth.

And here is the flyer. A sweet sweet group of artists....


Doreen said...

Awesome. I, too, loved the show! I *love* my "Building with the Bowies", Scott. I tried the other day to order great showdowns #5, but being in Canada seems to be an issue for shipping? please help ... ;-)

Unknown said...

this is FABULOUS!!! i make a LOT of twin peaks stuff--i'm glad to see someone else is spreading the love!!

Jonas Santos said...


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