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Thursday, January 06, 2011

SF Sketchfest poster!!

Hey, everyone! So when i lived in San Francisco, SF Sketchfest was one of my favorite things ever. Super great comedy all over the place. it is the best. This Jan 13 - Feb 5 will be the 10th anniversary of SF Sketchfest. i was super honored to have been able to do the special poster for it! It's got many of the people who have done the fest in the past. so many of my idols are on this poster. it is nuts.

and if you are wondering who everyone is, here is a special little KEY to help you figure it out. Some are difficult perhaps...

They will be making commemorative posters of this. you should go get one and see some comedy and get excited.
here's the lineup this year! Pretty dope

here's more information on the poster...

Special SF Sketchfest Commemorative Limited Edition Poster by Scott C.!
Available for purchase only at SF Sketchfest shows, this collectible poster print features over 100 past SF Sketchfest performers, hand painted by artist Scott C.! The limited edition poster is available for $20, with partial proceeds benefitting The American Cancer Society.


ok! that's all for now.

(p.s. sorry about now GREAT SHOWDOWNS announcement. i will do that next week. get ready)


Anonymous said...

Beautiful job! And thank you for the key - one thing though: there are two #62s in the key, and only the one on the right is Eugene Mirman. I don't know who the other one is (left of Maria Bamford).

scottc said...

thanks! i changed it! Tim Meadows was the other 62. it is alllll gooood noooooww!

laura said...

i'm so in love with this. please tell me i can buy it even though i live in ohio and can't make it to sf. pleeeease!

Anonymous said...

Please please please I want to buy this so bad!

Mads said...


Arun Kumar said...

You, sir, are a MONSTER at cartooning!

Grandbarbu said...

Thats B.R.I.L.L.I.A.N.T !

Unknown said...

ahhh! OMG! I love this!! absolutely brilliant! :)

Marcus said...

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