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Monday, January 10, 2011



Alright, you guys, here is the thing i've been looking forward to. The GREAT SHOWDOWNS exhibition at Gallery 1988 in LA on Feb. 4th!

If you have ever emailed me about purchasing one of the paintings from the GREAT SHOWDOWNS series, this will be your chance to buy some. If you have ever wanted to see a wall covered in SHOWDOWNS, this will also be your chance. If you have ever wondered what my hair style is looking like these days, this will be your chance. (because i will be in attendance)

Yes! This is going to be the best thing ever.
I can't wait.

ALSO, in the weeks leading up to this show, i will be putting up for sale the last A.P. prints from the first 4 sold out series! These are the only ones in existence. I will be doing so on Twitter. So if you are interested in series 2 - 4, keep an eye out on twitter (scottlava). I do not have many left. Probably happen on wednesdays.

example: GREAT SHOWDOWNS print series #3

oh, man., this is going to be so fun, you guys. i can't even believe it. more soon! see you.
...scott c.

P.S. If you would like to get on Gallery 1988's preview list for the show, you should email them!


Matt Roeser said...

awesome! do you know if the artwork will be for sale online as well, or just at the gallery?

congrats, dude!


scottc said...

definitely available online! Email the gallery to get on the preview list, if you would like..

Matt Roeser said...

and if you ever do an eloise hawking one from LOST, let me buy it :)

h said...

Greg, Tony, Danielle and I will see you on Feb 4th!


Hi, Scott.
congrats for this project.
Your works are very very very beautiful.

Hobo Divine said...

You're art skills are illegal-fresh homes!
How you tap into my memory bank and pull on all my heart strings!

These are all like tiny bijoux for my thirsty eyes.
(ok maybe that doesn't make sense because I mixed my metaphors)
Break a leg!


P.S. *sniff-sniff* THE RED BALLOON!!!!!

A-R Dumont said...

"The Great Showdowns" is quite possibly the greatest painted series in existence. Your work is delightful!

Mel Got Served said...

I am dying to purchase the Kermit vs. Doc Hopper that is show on Gallery 1988's blog.

Ferdinand said...

It won't have effect in actual fact, that's what I suppose.
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