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Sunday, January 16, 2011

the Great Showdown Print Smash

gang! this is the deal.

In preparation for the GREAT SHOWDOWNS exhibition on Feb 4th, a
few of the print sets from previous SOLD OUT series will become available each week on TWITTER. starting tomorrow! I will be letting everyone know exactly when during the chosen day and ask some sort of super smart sounding question that you will have to answer. you will need to email me at with whatever answers need to happen. And we will need to use PAYPAL for the transaction. And then i shall send the sets to you. These are the last ones that exist! super rare like crazy. (and note: prices include shipping)

it will be an experiment and will be very exciting.

week 1 - Jan 19th
Print set series #4 - $80 each
(only 4 left!)

week 2 - Jan 26th
Print set series #3 - $90
(only 1 left!)

week 3 - Feb 1st
Print set series #2 - $100
(only 1 left!)

Print set #5 is still available! so get those here!

Ok! so report back here to see what set is available when. awesome. and COME TO THE SHOW on FEB 4th! and get on the Gallery 1988 preview list if you want!

sincerely, scottc


Onno Knuvers said...

Great stuff Scott. It makes laugh a little everytime I see your work.

Congratulations with your G1988 show!

Unknown said...

Hello there Scott! I work in Cinemanía magazine (this month we feature some of your illustrations) and I've been following your artwork for a while. Excellent work men! Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Hey Scott!

Definitely digging your art. Just got a copy of DFACbSCv1 and it is truly rocking.

Congratulations on the show - got me to thinking are you perhaps planning on making a book collection with the Great Showdowns cause I would buy that in an instant, plus it would be a great way for people who want to get the whole series!

Alban said...

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