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Friday, April 09, 2010

LUMBERJACKS! (new print)

Hey, everyone!

There is a new print afoot at Poster Cabaret. It is the "Lumberjacks At Work" piece from the London Miles show a few month back. Limited edition of 50! so they will go fast maybe. who knows.

i will have the first bunch with me at MOCCA this weekend. Table D24. The rest are available online at Poster Cabaret.

Some other things we will have at our table D24 this weekend:

Double Fine Action Comics (The Book)
Hickee Comics
Nathan's mini comic
New scott c prints
older Scott C prints
Pizza Bros t-shirts

And making a special appearance, from the smash hit "Mummy By The Window": Mummy


Lesley Vamos said...

Yet another masterpiece ^_^

Matt said...

Good news, folks! Real world testing confirms that, in the absence of suitable cardboard backing, this print can be rolled up and carried home via subway, and, if handled carefully, it will arrive without damage. A day later, and it has already regained its natural flatness and general lack of curves; amazing.

And it's gonna look so great on my wall; it's gonna be awesome, you guys.

Thanks, Scott C.!

Sergio R. Flórez said...

Lumberjacks = AWESOME

Patty said...

Lumberjacks = Me totally agreeing with Sergio :)

Armando said...

Man, that Lumberjack print is pretty neat ~

Unknown said...

V Coooool!

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