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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Hunt and Gather!! (book release and signing!)

Dear everybody! check out this amazing book that Tina Ziegler has put together! it is finally out and it looks quite pretty. like fruit stripe gum.

Tina runs London Miles Gallery and the Hunt&Gather blog where she interviewed me last year! she is the best.

so this book contains lots of pretty great art from a number of people. one such people is me. so you really need to check it out.

This Friday April 9th, a show opens at Thinkspace gallery in LA to celebrate the book release. and on saturday April 10th, there is a big signing that MOST of the artists will be at. Excluding me though. because i will be at MOCCA here in NYC.
so go meet tina and the gang!!

Hunt and Gather show
Exhibition opens on Friday, April 9th from 7pm
Signing day on the 10th of april, from 6pm to 8pm.
(remember to not look for me though)

Even though i will not be at the show, i made this new painting that shall be there. so go say hi to it! it is called "The Lost Ships!".

alright, everyone! enjoy the show! and the book! ...scottc.


NePaul Wilson said...

I really do need to buy your book, that's where my next paycheck is going haha.

H. B. Duran said...

Forget skinny runway girls - Wise, ancient mummies make the very BEST models. ;-) As you would say, it is dope.

k.mediani said...

"The Lost Ships!" is super awesome! I love it!! So much fun!
Too bad I can go to the show T_T Not residing in LA yet.

Goro Fujita said...

very cool stuff you have going on here!

Lesley Vamos said...

This looks so great Scott!

scottc said...

thanks, you guys! yes!

Abz said...

wow dude! i dont know how you do it, but these are awesome!!!

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