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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

society of illustrators show.

So the" Dear Ship's Log" comic i did for VICE magazine has been accepted into the Society of Illustrators: Sequential and Uncommissioned show. Which is very exciting. Because they have pictures of illustrators from 1901 in there. It opens today, but the reception is this Friday the 8th. It is like $30 to get in on friday though... so you migth want to go a different day.

But go check it out! (if you are in NYC)

Society of Illustrators
128 east 63rd street , NYC
January 6-23rd
TUES 10-8 WED - FRI 10-5 SAT 12-4


Chris K. said...

Hey Scott, long time reader, first time (probably not) poster...

Are these lovelies going to be for sale at the show? I'd love to join them with the home slice rocket ship. (Yeah, I'm the guy who bought the interior and exterior paintings of the ship. == mucho awesome. Wife even likes 'em alot, shocked!)

Sometimes wish I was in NYC, so many xlnt shows. (Am in Santa Clara, CA. 60+F weather today makes me happy I'm not in NYC.)

Drop me a line at if they are (or just to say hi.)

Renee Kurilla said...


Joseph Mingoo Lee said...

dooode im in nyc and will check this out

Nichole said...

These are awesome! What was your medium? I can't tell if it's paint or photoshop. If it is photoshop you must have some awesome brushes. As always keep up the good work. Very inspirational.

Carly Mazur said...

I will definitely not miss this! Can't make it to the opening tomorrow but will see it on Saturday; thanks for the sneak peek :)

NePaul Wilson said...

ah, the perfect way to relax, tea and a good ol Scott comic, my day is now complete of completeness.

Unknown said...

Ha Ha Ha... love it!!

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