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Monday, January 11, 2010

New print at Nucleus!

Hi! Check out this new sweet print at Gallery Nucleus. It's to help celebrate the airship show that is currently exhibiting there. opened this weekend. (Although this piece was actually from the Adrift show last Fall in NYC)


NePaul Wilson said...

Another beautiful piece. Though I really need to build an airship and go to the "Airship Show." Either that or pull together the most amazing group of guina pigs with wings and telly ho!

Justin Lee said...

i'm pretty sure your work is incredible.

high fives a plenty for being a great influence on my work
and a totally rad dude all together


* high five sound.


Jen said...

Is it a limited edition? Couldn't find that info on Nucleus. Thanks!

scottc said...

this one is not limited edition. so you can get like 2,000 of them if you want!

Jen said...

Great idea :)

Ana Gonzalez said...

I love your work is great fun.

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