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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Everybody, all the time! London show!

hey, everyone! especially people of London!

I will be returning to your shores for a solo show at London Miles Gallery on March 4th! But this time they will be opening it at a space in east London. which is probably my favorite part of London. i am super excited. It will be called "EVERYBODY, ALL THE TIME"!

ALSO, i will be giving two comic workshops on March 6th at the gallery! so sign up if you want to come learn a whole bunch of stuff that i still need to figure out.

YES! see you all soon! (oh, yeah, and obviously i will be at this show.and physically at that workshop. fyi. so let's hang out.)


Abi. said...

I'd love to head down to London for that workshop! You mentioned a signing up of some sort, where should I point my browser to do this?
And also, any idea what time you'll start the workshop? Or will it be down to artistic whim?

luke said...

Hey Scott, looking forward to it!
If you have time while you're here, check out the 'flower fairies' original watercolours at the V&A!... It's ace.

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