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Monday, February 14, 2011

the ZombieValentines Party!

well, i had a pleasant Friday last Friday, you guys. Simon&Schuster threw a little Zombie Valentines party for the Zombie In Love book that i did the pictures for! It was the best! They had copies of the book and all these little zombie treats and valentines all over the place. Kelly DiPucchio flew in the for it as well, so we were able to hang out in person, which was sweet. She wrote the story. Nami and Sonia put the party together. they are amazing. Nami was the editor and Sonia the art director for the book.

Zombie In Love doesnt come out until this August, but we had this little Valentines party a
nyway. And i am glad. Here are some photo memories for you. i will remind you about this sweet book in August as the release date nears! And of the ART EXHIBIT that will be happening at Gallery Nucleus. More on these things later.

some memories...

The book in my hand!

my hand signing the first book. Kelly's signature looks like a space orbit.

The Valentines that Sonia made...

The party room.

This is Kelly DiPucchio! I am happy that she got to come to this sweet party. I super enjoyed illustrating her words.

They made a life sized zombie dog for you to hang out with. they put it on the bag of a HUGE GREEN TIGER. ...That we are supposed to not notice i guess. we are also not supposed to notice the human foot on the tiger's ear.

Sonia made these chocolate eyeballs. they were made of concentrated Oreo i think. They were incredibly popular.

Human fingers. (carrots and almonds is the secret, you guys.)

Some cookies...

And here are all the books stacked up like zombies strolling the streets!

and that's it!! So August is when the book is out! get ready! And happy Valentines Day, you guys. And thanks, Nami and Sonia and everybody at Simon&Schusterrrrr.....!


Alec Longstreth said...

I can't wait to get my mitts on a copy of that book!

Strange Kid said...

What an awesome looking event, Scott! The book looks pretty cool as well- I agree with Alec in that I cannot wait to get ahold of a copy.

Girlbrush said...

+1 on the can't wait!! =) Will definitly be given as a gift to my zombie-addicted man!

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