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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Convention Schedule 2011!


March 4–7: Emerald City Comicon - (Seattle) @Table D-05

April 9-10: Mocca Festival - (NYC)

May 7-8: TCAF Comic Art Festival – (Toronto)

July 21-24: San Diego Comic-con - (San Diego)

September 10-11: SPX - (Bethesda, MD)

October 1-2: APE Expo - (San Francisco)

Here is a schedule for you. these are the conventions that i will be chilling at for the year 2011! so try to come say hi and touch the table if you can. i will be posting new merchandise and prints as they become available for each show! so get ready for good times for yourself.


the show coming up in the near future is Emerald City Comicon in Seattle. i will be at Table D-05 next to my buddy Graham Annable.

I will not have any brand new things at the show, but i did do a piece for Emerald City's Monsters and Dames book and auction. so you will have the chance to buy that piece at the show if you would like. more information on the book and the auction HERE. this is what the painting of the monster and the dame looks like...

I will also be doing some live painting with Jim Mahfood and company on Friday night.. More information on the facebook event for it here.

ok! i will post more of what i will have at the show as the date nears...

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