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Wednesday, February 16, 2011


So Jessica Coffield, the winner of the GREAT SHOWDOWNS CONTEST, has chosen the film that she would like a painting of..... SHAUN OF THE DEAD. this is awesome news because i have been meaning to do a showdown for this film. so i just rewatched it. it is so good, you guys. but you probably already know this. (contest answers here, btw)

i am going to LIVESTREAM the making of this painting from beginning to end because that sounds like a super fun time. i will most likely do this next week! i shall let everyone know about it on twitter: my livestream channel is

i tried Livestream for the first time last week and it was super fun. if you would like to check out how amazing it went, you can watch it below. you are going to be so pumped probably.
tons of action as we watched the mummy read the paper...

Watch live streaming video from scottlava at

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