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Friday, November 12, 2010

SANRIO - Small Gift Show! (LA)

Hey, you guys! The Small Gift Sanrio show is this weekend in LA. It will probably be totally insane. You should probably go.

I have 8 little paintings in this show. They are of Sanrio(ish) things!

All the art will be posted online here on Friday.
You can email to get on the preview list! I will post mine paintings next week.

ok, later!


Chris K. said...

Oh man, wish I was in SoCal. I'd love a "Chococat" or "Batzmaru" Scott C. Time to sign up for the preview...

Anonymous said...

OMG, a Sanrio-themed Scott C painting?? All my dreams just came true. (Although, if it were covered in chocolate and presented to me by Brad Pitt, that'd be even better.)

scottc said...

oh, that's great then. Brad Pitt personally delivers all of my paintings, so you are going to be totally psyched! and he's usually eating a Snickers!

Michelle Romo said...

I really loved all of your little dudes!

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