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Monday, November 08, 2010

the BADLANDS show = sweet success

Youguys! Columbus, OH was the best! Scott and Laura of Rivet Gallery were the best! all the people who came to the Q&A and the show were the best! lots of pretty great questions. It was great meeting and hanging with all of you!

The artwork is now all viewable and available to purchase ONLINE! go pick something out for you special person.

here are some more of the pieces in the mean time. i am posting everything on my flickr also.

(tomorrow i will post some photo memories from this weekend)

"Wishes For The Wicked"

"Dead Rather Than Alive"

"Visiting Friends"

"The Reaper"

"The Sharpshooter"

"Foliage (Badlands)"



Tanith said...

Oh man, I love "Foliage (Badlands)"!

SHJakk said...

Wow. There is no reason that "Benjamin" shouldn't be a comic book character.

Hobo Divine said...

WOW is right... mindblowing!

Sarah Joan Mokhtar said...

AWESOME.You're work is so...unique, fun and you! such an inspiration.

Osh said...

Wouldn't be a bad land at all if it was inhabited by all those awesome characters. And damn that sharpshooter really earns his name

John said...

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