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Monday, November 22, 2010



It is time for the GREAT SHOWDOWN print set #5 to be released. Gallery 1988 will be releasing limited edition sets this Friday Nov. 26th (Black Friday). I know that is many people's favorite day to shop for the holidays, including my mom. She loves going to get the best ornaments and new fabric on that day.

the new set will consist of these 5 showdowns from the GREAT SHOWDOWNS site.

Mark your calendars for Friday and contact Gallery 1988 through their site! They may go fast! i dont know how it will go! It may be a real hot item this holiday season! (my dream)

and check in with their BLOG also.. they post info there as well.


Hobo Divine said...

These look AWESOME!

Lena said...

your work is fantastic! :D

Anonymous said...

Donnie Darko... GREAT JOB ! :D

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