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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Idol Hours Show! (London)

Hey, you guys!

Remember London Miles Gallery? Where Everybody All The Time and Sup
reme Broship happened? Well, there is a new show is called Idol Hours. A group show where artists reimagine master paintings of old.

I revisited Rembrandt's The Anatomy Lecture Of Nicolaes Tulp.
Here is the original and my version with my dudes. Also included are a couple development shots because development is interesting.

Opening reception: November 12th, 2010. 7pm to 11pm.

Exhibition on display until: November 12th to December 1st 2010.
@ London Miles Gallery

So go to the show! i will not be there, but so many other cool people will probably be there. you will probably make some friends.



enb said...

bro that is a good one.
i really like the latest look.

David DeGrand said...

Too cool! I always loved this painting, seeing it done in your style is a real treat!

DH. said...

ZONK! Super amaze!

David Smit said...

Woaw! I had no idea you actually made art yourself! Love the lose style and watercolors!

Jason Bradshaw said...

oh man, I love this piece!

Troy Little said...

This is awesome!

joscha said...

Awesome, love your version! Did you know Rembrandt painted an "R" for Rembrandt inside the dead guys navel?

Sam Bosma said...

Dang man, so good.

Mukpuddy said...

Ha ha, great work as usual dude!

matheus aguiar said...

scott, you take a photo or scan your paintings?

Polyminthe said...


Rafaella said...


Thomas said...

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