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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

BADLANDS ...progress

hey, you guys! i wanted to post some photos of my progress for the BADLANDS show. because i like it when people do that. i find people's process quite interesting.

so here are some of my brainstorm sheets. pencils on printer paper. (i still get stressed out by sketchbooks) a lot of these ideas will go straight into photoshop and onto watercolor paper as is. because i like to keep the looseness of the initial sketches. i have also been testing out charcoals because i think i will do some drawings as well for this show. i love charcoals!

also there is a picture of some frames i bought at various places. all kinds of weird sizes on these frames. but i think they may look sweet together. we shall totally see.


Philip A. Buck said...

Wow! Your work is always so inspirational! awesome! I love seeing peoples processes!

Justin Sala said...

Love the charcoal!

Kid Shay said...

Awesome progress!
Can't wait to see more progress!

Steve May said...

nice brainstorm!

Sarah Joan Mokhtar said...

Appreciate you sharing these scott. Thanks!

Reginald said...

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