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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

APE Expo this weekend...


APE EXPO is this weekend in San Francisco. October 16 - 17.

I will be at tables 336 - 338 with Double Fine, T
asha, Nathan Stapley, Gabe Miller, And Dustin Harbin(not part of Double Fine, but a bro)! and maybe Tim Schafes. but i am unsure. i'll have to check. probably though.

I will have the usual gear. including those three prints that are sold
out online: Dog Amongst Dogs, Lincoln Robot, and Zombie Fair! You'd better come and get those before they are gone forever!

Here is the checklist of stuff that i will have at the table:
  • Double Fine Action Comics book 1
  • NEW Prints (Kong's BBQ, Skeleton Park, and Ape Amongst Apes)
  • not as new prints
  • hard to find prints
  • buttons
  • stickers
  • Hickee comics

oh, yeah, i forgot to mention that i will have the new BODY HOUSE shirt at the table.

and those other guys will have a bunch of stuff. and DOUBLE FINE stuff! so many reasons to come over.

see you saturday then!
TABLE 336-8



TOMEK said...

I like your work and all these things looks great!
I wish to be there in APE Expo... :(
I'm sure you'll have lot of people around your table.

matheus aguiar said...

sorry for the indiscretion, but what scanner you use?

Sarah Joan Mokhtar said...


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