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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

ADRIFT... coming soon. ( New York)

Hi, everyone. Check it out. Another thing you could put on your calendar... if it is on a wall in NEW YORK CITY.

Leontine Greenberg and I are doing a two person watercolor show called ADRIFT. All new paintings that deal with floating things.

Friday November 13th
@ myplasticheart


P.S. We will both be at the opening! So come hang out with us and we can talk about all kinds of interesting things.


Armando said...

Awesome! ~ Also that Voltron piece is BRILLIANT!! HA!

Unknown said...

are you going to be at the opening?

scottc said...

Yes! i will be there. i should put that in the post. Good idea!

RAWLS said...

Hahaha! So cool. I wish I'd thought of floating rock balloons!

luke said...

Hey Scott. Another fine bunch of gear indeed! Any plans to do any more London shows? I was the lanky Sony fella, met ya briefly at your broship show in London, perrennial blog stalker. I know you're all about keeping it real, but recently found an ace (free!) pshop watercolour brush setup. Will never replace the real thing, but not bad at all for getting the 'look'.... ...keep up the excellent work.

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