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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

APE Report

Oh, hi, everyone. Guess what? APE was a good times party.

Thanks to all of you for coming by. Here were some moments...

...Our table. Gabe Miller and Tasha chilling. They're minicomics turned out dope.

...Tim Schafer signing things for home slices.

...Elizabeth Ito's little dude is good friends with Lazy Knight now.

...Lazy Knight and one of the cutest kids on earth, Lili Schafer. (Tim blends into the background because of his professional black puppeteering clothes.)

the end! it was super fun hanging with all my favorite people again.

oh, wait.. no pictures of Nathan. weird. well, you all know what that dude looks like.


Angie Wang said...

Hi, I was the girl in the hat who forced my business card onto you (it was the hand-drawn one in the glassine envelope) and I just wanted to say again it was so great meeting you! Thanks for signing my poster and thank you especially for your kind words of encouragement!

Mike Dutton said...

Duuuuude, I was hoping to attend and say hi and congrats on the game release.... but I was swamped with work over the weekend. Looks like all is well, so I'll just say hope to see ya next time.

Genevieve Tsai said...

Hi Scott!

I don't know if you remember some random girl with black hair and glasses gushing about how insanely awesome and hilarious your Double Fine Action Comics book was. And how giddy she was that you drew a special super cool sketch on a post-it note to put in her book? And how she loved Double Fine and bought two DF shirts while raving about the Brutal Legend concepts all over the Atrium Gallery at Electronic Arts where she works?

Oh, that wasn't me...

Just kidding! It WAS! Did I fool you??

Hahaha, seriously--I LOVE YOUR WORK!! ^__^

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