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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Brutal Legend! Out now!

Hey!! Check it out! Brutal Legend is in stores right this second! crazytown!

Also, i made a comic about it. Comic (about it)

Cool. Exciting day.


Adamdraws said...

The game is great man, and the concept art they have in the extras is fantastic. Im really impressed with you're range of styles, seeing the simple and charming cartoons you usually do and then the much more detailed marker drawings for brutal legend is pretty awesome. The concept art you guys put in the games is great but I am still hoping for an art book, that would be a tall glass of excellent.

WJC said...

That looks cracking! And that's a handsome cartoon you did too.

Anonymous said...


I'm so happy for you and the guys at Double Fine! I read a review and it said it was 'triumphant' :) awesome!

A few more days wait for me yet though, 16th! Cannot at all wait.

Amazing work

Eno said...

I'm definetly gonna get it day one when it comes out here in europe.

Sarah said...

scott! you guys did great man. I'm love love loving the concept art ( even though metal sometimes scares me a little )

I need your advice scott! If you had to create a super big mural work ( on canvas or board ) that was like, 10 feet high and 20 feet long, what medium would you use? How much do you think you'd need?

My design (which I did by sketch + PS) is more towards drawing rather than painting. ( I usually draw by hand and color on the pc )

Just wanted to hear your thoughts. I understand you are probably really busy partying right now :) Congrats to you and the team again!

Joe said...

I can`t wait to play this game!.

Great work Scott, you are my idol!


Neworld said...

Games awesome. Can't wait to get off work and play some more.

scottc said...

thanks, everyone! i am happy you are digging it! I will post some more concepts at some point. we'll see.

Sarah, just email me and i can talk with you about your stuff. awesome!

sweet, the gang!

Anonymous said...

I was so happy when you I found out that Double Fine was work with TIM SCHAFER. HE'S MY HERO AND I LOVE YOU GUYS. And I'd say without a biased opinion, one of THE most addicting games I have played. Psychonauts was a great game from Schafer but this game kills it.


Alex said...

for a huge fan of your work, tim s, pychonauts and the D, this game is just awesome.

man, really great game! kinda short though. we finished the game in a little over 7 hours. 7 very entertaining and awesome hours but gf and I were rather sad when it was over so fast, like when a nice show finishes, you like the characters and dont want it to end. I guess there is going to be dlc and whatnot in the future.
there are so many lose ties in the story that just call for more missions. :)

I congratulate you on this project and anytime next year ill definately do some fanart.
be the metal,

Adele K. Thomas said...

i played the demo yesterday and im really looking forward to doing the purchase.
love your artwork here, really nice stuff, great textures!
I would love to work for a game companies like double fine that seem to do great story based games

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