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Friday, July 31, 2009

the Rivet show! ..artwork..

This show is going to be fun times. i wish i could go to it. But i'll bet Daniel Elson will be there. He helped curate the show and he has a sweet moustache. I met him in San Diego last weekend finally, and he is super nice. He does cute stuff. check it out.. you will like it.

ok, well here are the three pieces i did for the Rivet show on saturday night. They are all about nostalgia, of course.
Which i love. Some of my favorite shows from my childhood.

"Super Hungry"

"The Roast"

"Feelin' Super Similar"

I know. I used "super" twice. i dont know what i was thinking. i must have been excited...

Ok! so go to the show if you live in Columbus, OH!

Ok, later!


mannyfresh said...

hey bro, your stuff is awesome! I'm bummed I missed you at comic-con. I was wondering what you use to color your drawings? Thanks for the inspiration.

RAWLS said...

Scott!!! These are fantastic my friend! I LOVE the Voltron won. (and yes, I mean won, as in, it wins)
Really great work man.

Carly Correa said...

Dear Scott C,

You should do a painting with the Power Rangers! (Keep in mind that Kimberly-the-pink-ranger's outfit is different because it has a skirt!) I feel inspired and now I think that I want to paint power rangers myself? I hope Comic-Con went well. I'm sure it was fun.

Keep up the awesome work,

scottc said...

thanks, everyone. can you gang guess what the other ones are? perhaps they are a bit obscure. compared to voltronicon.

SickOnSin said...

So super cute! I totally know (and am loving) the 2nd one as it was my fave cartoon as a kid! Yay Dungeons & Dragons!

Kirk D. said...

The last one is of course, He-man meeting Thundar the Barbarian and his friends. So great to see your rendition of Ookla the Mok. One year my wife put him on a birthday cake for me...

All three of these = wonderful!

Viewtiful_Justin said...

I had that Skeletor kite when I was young. That is SUPER amazing!

Josh Holland said...

These are great. Love your stuff.

geedeck said...

I'm going on Saturday! Of course it doesn't hurt that I have a half-mile walk to Rivet, but still!

Gerald de Dios said...

Just hilarious and superb illustrations!!!

ramon said...

Scott!!! Make these into shirts immediately, man! Especially Super Hungry! PLEEEASSSE

scottc said...

dude!! Kirk D! you win the award for awesome times with that cake! what the heck!! Or your wife wins the award. that cake is amazing. he's creeping out the the mist even. very post apocalyptic.

WJC said...

Wow, these guys are all cracking! Nice work Scott C.

Kirk D. said...

haha, thanks Scott, I'll pass the award on to my wife. It was awesome times indeed; we partied like it was post apocalypse.

Jess said...

I've been a fan of your stuff for a little while, and live a blockish away from Rivet. When I walked in and saw your work hanging, I got really nerdy/excited. And yeah, Daniel was there, and indeed has a sweet mustache.

Awesome work, keep it up!

Graham D Pilling said...

Great work! Please make a print of the D & D one. I used to hate Uni... remember the episode where they almost got home but had to go back for Bobby and the stupid unicorn? Argh! :)

Jessica said...

My favorite part is the baby unicorn on fire, because you know that little bastard deserved it.

Unknown said...

These are soo illo!

damon said...

so good

Unknown said...

thats awesome. the voltron piece is my fav.

7satellite said...

i love voltron :)

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