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Thursday, July 16, 2009

the GREAT SHOWDOWNS +new prints!

Hello, everyone!
Tonight is the Crazy 4 Cult show at Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles!

At this show, you will find these 10 new GREAT SHOWDOWNS. (3rd installement of these showdowns.)

Also, to commemorate this event, Gallery 1988 is putting out some new very limited edition prints of pieces I did for last year's show.

They are:

"The Cult Tree" (now with no words!)

"Great Showdowns" (Set #3)

More information on the Gallery 1988 blog!

ok, awesome. see you!


grickleguy said...

Ha ha! You actually managed to make those twins from the Shining look pleasant!

m.h. said...

oh man, love the showdowns from "rushmore," "trainspotting" and "point break." nice!!!

Unknown said...

on the right side, i can't place the middle one and the one beneath it.
these are really great as usual.

Unknown said...

I don't know the swords one, but the one below is Boogie Nights.

Amy said...

Oh my god, Renton vs the toilet.

Love it!!

Liz Prince said...

the rushmore one gives me a boner

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy how happy Danny seems to be faced down by a set of very dead, very creepy twins.

Creaturism said...

Love how the aliens tiny little hands make it look all happy and excited like some 16 year old girl.

WJC said...

Bodie and Utah vs The Wave is my favourite. All gold though!

Anonymous said...

so Jesus licks balls?
i'm sorry, you made me do this

Ashmaster Flash said...

Everyone has already said what I wanted to say. But The Shining scene is so great, really... you are great.

Agripas said...

Second row, second line, what movie is that? I can't quite place it.

William Owen said...

Oh damn, these are freakin' out of sight. Loved the rushmore, and I couldn't pick out #6 (turns out to be Boogie Nights) and I feel shame.

The one with the swords is Highlander, and I know this, and feel less shame.

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