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Friday, April 10, 2009

CLOUD HOUSE PRINTS some discontinued.

Hello, everyone. Besides seeing you tonight at myplasticheart, let me just tell you about the new limited edition CLOUDHOUSE PRINTS at Gallery Nucleus. Only 30 of them. And they are huge.

Here is a picture of one on a wall above an outlet.

And here is some detail from that painting in case you have forgotten what is going on in that cloud.

Alright, so another announcement to discuss with you are the prints that we are DISCONTINUING. On April 15! So you might want to go buy like 100 of each and put them in mylar bags because they will be so expensive 100 years into the future. (because they will be so rare) (maybe) (uncertain)

These are the ones to be discontinued on April 15th:

Goodbye, awesome prints. You were all really nice prints. We had good times...



JAKE WYATT said...

They were awesome prints. They understate with excellence.

Funny videos said...

They were awesome photo. They understate with excellence.Very good.

Kate said...

Good thing you're telling us this, I was going to buy them later but I'd better do it now! :-)

Unknown said...

I love the way you think!

Susan Rudat said...

These are all wonderful! Will they be replaced with a new set of prints?

Shaun said...

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